At Trident Manufacturing, our only constant is excellence.


At Trident Manufacturing, our only constant is excellence.

For 49 years we have excelled at complex, mission-critical manufacturing – delivering products in zero-tolerance arenas where failure is never an option. Products born from continuous improvement and ever-increasing efficiency will survive. Our facilities are ready for the future. Innovation, superior design and uncompromising process mitigate risk and deliver for our medical industry partners.

Quality Standards

The Medical Device Industry is undergoing rapid change. Compliance requirements are stronger the ever. Quality standards and patient safety are paramount. Yet, market forces are demanding lower costs while not sacrificing innovated solutions. We know innovation, superior quality, flawless compliance and improving cost curves can coexist.

Flawless Compliance

We know because at Trident, we live by these truths. Our company is built on the strength of our success in OEM Automotive manufacturing and our absolute commitment to quality, compliance and standards demanded by the medical field. We offer the best of both worlds. Exceptional quality, flawless Compliance and a hyper focus on driving waste from the process to improve cost, manufacturability and quality.